• Welcome to Delhi Public School, Dehradun.
  • Admissions open for the Academic Session 2024-25

Yamuna House Vice Captain



I have been in this school since last 14 years and the thing which I like the most about my school is that it focuses on all round performance of children unlike many others schools which just focuses on academic excellence. Teachers are highly experienced and understanding which help students to get open with them and let them ask their doubts without any hesitation.

The main motto and vision of our school is “SERVICE BEFORE SELF” which means giving professional duties more priority than our personal. It also means thinking about others before us.

The School life is the most interesting phase of one`s life which one does not understand during the school life but get to know in his middle age and then regrets of not enjoying it and taking it as burden.

My vision for the school is to make it the best school in terms of everything like discipline, academics, sports, etc



I’ve been a part of this school since 2021. The love that I’ve been welcomed with matches no other. The teachers as well as the students have made me feel nothing less than a part of a family. School life has been important to me as it has taught me teamwork, communication and time management. It has helped me develop meaningful relationships with my teachers and my peers. It has also provided me with opportunities to explore my passions and interests. Even though the time I’ve been here for is merely a few years, yet these few years have been the most memorable for me."