• Welcome to Delhi Public School, Dehradun.
  • Admissions open for the Academic Session 2024-25


We at Delhi Public School ,Dehradun strive to achieve academic excellence by encouraging student centred constructive approach. Mother Teacher concept is used at kindergarten level. This encourages development of an emotional bonding between the teacher and the taught. Being a student centred school,we have successfully adopted activity oriented play way method to impart knowledge. The various tools adopted for better and faster learning are all provided in the school's Learning Centre which is having innumerable toys like building blocks,letters and shapes ,puzzles to name a few. Children are encouraged to participate in group activities like dancing,singing yoga and compete with each other in a healthy way. We also indulge in developing their moral and social values besides physical and linguistic development.

Engaging real world concepts with our curriculum is our forte.The students get an insight and our prepared to deal with issues in a more sensible manner We connect our textual knowledge with audio and visual aids which has a greater impact and helps in maximizing retention as compared to rote learning We also engage in remedial classes firmly believing that every student has a different level of understanding and grasping. These remedial classes are conducted on a regular basis which helps our slow learners. The subject teachers is instructed to guide the students right from basics . Physical activities along with mental health helps in the holistic development of body ,mind and soul.