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Epoch of an odd duck, Nothing less than bad luck, Come hear our misery dear juniors, Know all that’s special about us. We’re not the quintessential batch, We dread the ordeal that we had, We call it the Covid-19 pandemic, The Boards were traps, Ones that we had, They made us silent maniacs. The batch of 2022, Just as it was welcomed to the school, Didn’t give much time to let us cool, And then we were again - Sitting in front of the screen, With swollen eyes and wrecked up sleep, Offline tests didn’t let us dream, How we thought 11th grade would let us free !! Class is 12th , and there we are, They took us in with open arms, Just when our spirits hit an all time low, They made us know what we truly are. Hey! Don’t you think we’re all ill fated ! We weathered the storm and fears abated, We’re exquisite, mentors concrete, They had our prep substantiated, Made us love what we had hated, Our essence stands authenticated. The Batch of 2022, Just as it was saying goodbye to school, Knew what role it had played through , And there we were again - Wishing teachers, Wishing friends Willing - hoping to meet again, Our mentors launched us to the helms , Just know that, it’s the start and not the end. 

                                                                                                                                                                                  Bhavya Gujral XII E &  Anhad Hora XII D


"My warmest greetings to the gracious reader !"

It is no less of an honor to address you here ; on this newly curated Alumni section of the official website of our prestigious institution which we proudly call - The Delhi Public School , Dehradun.

I am Bhavya Gujral , a proud Dipsite , an Alumni from the 2021 - 2022 Academic batch , an avid learner , a former Headboy and an all time well-wisher of my school , teachers and fellow Dipsites.

The School definitely offered me life - enriching experiences , love , laughs and everything a student needs , but what is of significance are the life lessons it ingrained in me.

The strength that I derived from its ambience allowed me to propel forward to face challenges head on , the biggest one being - making it to a well - reputed university. My penchant for the legal field led me to the Common Law Admission Test ( CLAT ) , which I cracked with an All India Rank (General Category) of 150.

Having my application accepted by the renowned National Academy of Legal Studies and Research ( NALSAR ) , Hyderabad , I am looking forward to commence my journey into the corporate world of law. I hope that I am able to do justice to myself , my parents and to the brand of "DPS''


My name is Priyanshu Goyal, a 2nd year Law student and I stand with the saying that school is for discovering yourself, making mistakes, and making lifelong friends. I have completed my schooling from D.P.S Dehradun and have had a 12 year long journey with the institution. The school life at D.P.S has helped me shape into who I am today, going through school life we understand different fragments of life in which the faculty and the infrastructure at the school allowed me to explore it to the maximum. Be it academic excellence, sports or the basic practical aspects of life the school has always ensured to make me understand the exact balance, learn morals and become an upstanding citizen of the country. The journey at D.P.S has helped me explore my passion and helped me in following the right path for it. With the availability of different activities like mock parliament, debates and quizzes the school always helped me learn beyond the textbooks, helped me in developing the right intellect and made me understand the importance of discipline and punctuality necessary for my choice of career field. I have completed 1 month under the Additional Standing Counsel for Government of NCT in the Delhi High Court whereas completed a 2 month tenure recently in the Supreme Court of India as an intern. Moving forward I wish to be the Solicitor General of India and be listed as a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India. For this I will always be thankful to the institution for not only helping me in determining my goals in life but for also teaching me how to achieve them with the right mindset.


My name is Anushka Kumar. I am currently studying at Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, doing my Bachelor of Arts. I was a part of the DPS Dehradun family for 14 years.

Let me begin with a story. In my last year of school, l volunteered to be a part of a mental health workshop that was being placed at the school, unaware of knowing what was coming. Then one day, our teacher informed us that we would be doing the workshop the very day, and I thought, ‘oh, I will just help.’ When we were preparing, I came to know that we had to give a speech personally, and here was my biggest fear- speaking in front of an audience. Till the very last second, l was freaking out, and what helped me the most at that time was my teacher, giving the pep talk and encouraging me to face my fear. Finally, when I was in the front, I was literally shaking, and I remember I said, ‘one day I will be very proud of myself.’ Today I can proudly say that it happened as I said that day. I honestly overcame my biggest fear that day, and a big thanks to my teachers, who pushed me to do what I couldn’t imagine, also I could not ask for any better mates than I had by my side then.
I did fear speaking in front of people, but I was always a stage girl. I took my first steps towards being a dancer by participating in school activities. Today I am a graduated Bharatnatyam dancer. I participated in the 23rd National Youth Festival 2020 and won the Young Achievers Award 2021. And I am going to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2023, in Australia. I am also an international shooter, participated at the 49th Grand Prix of Liberation Plzen, Czech Republic and ISCH, Germany, in 2018. Also winning at the DPS National Shooting Competition, 2020, representing the school.
My accomplishments today won’t be possible without the support I got from the institution. The teachers who were always helping me and directing me to be the person I am today. In school, I had a chance to grow up with the most incredible friends. The one thing I will always miss about the school is the infrastructure and the soothing environment. The message l would like to give to the institution's current and future members is to work on enhancing your skills, trying new things, and living the moment.



“I was a student of DPS Dehradun for 10 years, and the school became my second home. The organization fostered in me a spirit of diligence and discipline. The school had been a constant support system throughout my work and gave me the space and capabilities required to attain my goals. I am currently a student at the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak, pursuing the 5-year Integrated Programme in Management (BBA+MBA). I am also the Junior Member of the IPM Cultural Club - a 10-member team that holds the responsibility of hosting all cultural activities and events for the IPM fraternity. But no matter where my path takes me, my roots still lie in the heart of Dehradun. I can attribute my success to the skills I developed, the friends I made, the support I got from the faculty, and the values prevalent in the organization throughout my growth years. Each moment of that decade is deeply ingrained in my memory and constantly pushes me to strive for more. As our Principal sir always said, “The sky is the limit.” To all current and future members of the DPS Dehradun fraternity, I have just a simple message - savor every moment the school has to offer. Use the available opportunities, engage in healthy competition, connect with your faculty and peers, and most importantly remember to have fun!"



"सुबह तो वही थी
पर ना जाने क्यों दिल उस दिन बेचैन था
खुशियों और गम के बीच उलझा हुआ सा था
जिन दीवारों के बीच गुज़र गए वो हसीं भरे लम्हें
उन्ही यादों में खोया सा था
जिन टीचर्स से दूर भागते थे कभी आज उनके साथ भी वक़्त गुज़ारना था
कैंटीन का वो खाना आज फिर एक बार खाना था
उन पुराने किस्सों को आज फिर एक बार दोहराना था
कंप्यूटर लैब में प्रक्टिकल् का काम छोड़ कर
वो चेस का गेम हमें फिर एक बार खेलना था
रिसेस की बेल् बजने पर बास्केटबॉल कोर्ट पर सबसे पहले पहुँचना था
स्कूटी स्टैंड पर खड़े होकर हर टीचर का नया निकनाम फिर डिस्कस करना था
इस बार किस क्लास का सॉफ्ट बोर्ड बेस्ट है
इसका फैसला भी आज ही होना था और इस बार अलविदा कह कर हमें फिर मुड़ कर नही देखना था
हाँ वो मेरे स्कूल का आख़िरी दिन था"
शुभा जैन बैच -- २०२१-- २०२२



Greetings, This is Harshit Sharma , an alumni of Delhi Public School , Dehradun. If I had to say something about my school then I would say that it’s the best and a very helpful place one can find . My teachers, seniors, staff and everyone there is very supportive and is helping too. It's only because of this reason that I was able to excel in my competitive exam and now I’ve secured a seat at (VCSG) Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Government Medical Science and Research Institute, Srinagar, Uttarakhand. In 11th standard I chose science as my stream because since childhood I was fascinated with being a doctor and performing fancy procedures . Our school helped a lot in making my dreams come true with the constant inputs and feedback by the excellent faculty members of my stream . I’m highly thankful to them and to their consistent efforts , as only these things helped me in achieving my goals. Thank you

“The Misuse of Psychological Terminology How words like ‘OCD’ and ‘Depression’ are wrongly used”

“ Twenty - three ,Twenty ….. Oh No…. One , Two , Three… ,” She sits on the couch profusely sweating from the mental terror of counting the pendulum ticking until her parents arrive home or else : Consequences. Circe , let's call her , has been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The society is similar to Circe’s pendulum , relaying ‘The Two Extremes’ : Stigmatization and Trivialization of Mental Health. Both equally potent of leaving a deep scar on Circe’s mental well-being ! Yet I concern myself with the latter - the ‘Why , How and What’ of contemporary misuse of psychological terminology , with the goal of sensitizing the reader and leaving positive ‘Impressions’. Much of the problem roots from Psychology being a relatively new field of expertise. Psychology has only about 150 years of age and great potential for the times to come. But the waves of change appear close , having this conversation is itself an augury to the maturation of Psychology as a well -accepted field of study. Let’s pat our shoulders for that ! The romanticization of psychological disorders in popular media is the leading cause. It is equally sad and concerning that disorders like Autism , Tourrettes etc. are being used for likes , views , sympathy and insensitive jokes. “ I'm feeling sad ? I'm depressed ! Let's post this ! Didn't sleep last night ? You have insomnia ! Misspelled a word ? Oh you’re Dyslexic ! ” This indiscriminate use discredits the actual patients who know that having a disorder is not actually ‘cool and edgy’ but ‘debilitating and taxing like a Parasite’. Alfred Adler , the proponent of ‘Individual Psychology’ , says that everyone pursues a goal of growing. He termed it as ‘The Pursuit of Superiority’ which alway keeps us grinding in life. It’s to no one’s surprise that when the person is unable to fulfill those demands , they resort to unhelpful means. It is not impossible for people to achieve this feeling of superiority under the garb of a disorder ! Think about this. If I tell you that I am depressed and suicidal, won’t you try your best to be as soft with me as possible , take my needs into account ? The general answer would be Yes ! The media reinforces these perceptions. Perhaps , Monica Geller from FRIENDS doesn’t have OCD , she’s only a neatness freak ! Instead take Howard Hughes from ‘The Aviator’ for a realistic expression of the disorder. How did we forget Khloe Kardashian who with her , Khloe - C - D ( the name of her app series ) , says that her alleged OCD is a blessing and that she doesn't have a problem altogether. This cold capitalism reinforces the perception of having a disorder as ‘quirky’. This requires change. Lets not discount the ‘D’ in ‘OCD’ - Disorder , as a justification for daily behavior , but as a grave need for change. Imagine how Circe feels when her friends loosely use the term like spare change. Let's encourage sensitivity if not empathy for once and start the change from oneself. - By BHAVYA GUJRAL



Greetings my friends ! Ahh... There's a lot to say but I'm gonna keep it concise. It all started with a dream, dreamt by me and my family for me to pursue the medical field. Competition was tough and moreover the field itself was enormous , so yes it was a tough choice. A dream is always a dream until and unless you work hard to achieve it. My dream would only have been a dream if there wasn't my teachers to guide me through this tough journey. My school gave me a competitive environment, without which I wouldn't have had such a strong base to compete in a national level exam and excel in it. What I feel is, it isn't only my success but the success of all my teachers, my parents who put their resources and faith in me. Their trust is one of the key factors that routinely guides me to do my best and excel in my professional career. Now studying in AIIMS Rishikesh, institute of national importance, a dream of every medical aspirant, everything makes sense somehow. I am proud to be a Dipsite and an alumni of Delhi Public School, Dehradun. Thank you