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Sutlej House Vice Captain



Education and schooling nowadays has become the most important source not only to attain or get a livelihood but also develop our personality we go to school to shape our thoughts and enhance our personality and more than marks the knowledge and the values we gain from our teachers is one of the most precious things. School is a second home to the children and teachers are the second parents of the students. Schooling and education for some students may be tedious but it is important to shape their future.

Nowadays the concept of online classes is in great demand in students but the social life that students and children must be aware of so that in future they can cope up with their co workers start from the school itself when they make new friends interact with teachers and the level of interaction that is possible in school is not at all possible in online classes. In schools we not only get knowledge but also acquire self confidence skills by taking part in various activities. Different schools have different co- curricular activities children can peruse there interest from a very young age and can even represent their school and country. I study in a very reputed school DPS Dehradun and which according to me is the best place I could ever ask for to shape me well for my future. The teachers the students everyone is so nice and cooperative. As I opted for science stream in 11th and was not able to cope up in the starting and felt a little low about that my teachers motivated to work harder and harder and also I was a little under confident when I joined this school but with time when I started taking part in different activities I realized my inner potential. My vice principal ma'am has always guided me and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor in my life. My school has built me up in a better version of mine and I owe a big one to my school my teachers and my school mates.



‘School’, which is 'Social Coordinal Helical Order of Life' that automatically brings a smile on our faces. Lessons that we cannot learn much at home or on any online platform. Not only from books but we also learn from friends, our seniors, teachers, etc. school plays a very important role in building our future.

As the Vice Captain of Sutlej House at DPS Dehradun, I stand at the page of leadership, entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining a positive and progressive environment within our school.

 My School

I am in this school from class 1, I have never cried while coming to school. Just because of my teachers and the playful environment. The teachers were so good and cooperative. Also they believe in practical education and they provide bookish as well as other writing knowledge.

There are very few subjects and the other activities like music, drawing, a computer is optional and they are taught practically. So, children don't have to carry books or other additional notebooks for these subjects.

It is not so easy to manage these many things, but our teachers are so good and have a lot of patience.


All schools are good but my school is unique in many ways. When I tell someone that I am a student of DPS DEHRADUN, it automatically brings a smile on their face because it is really famous in the city. I am a proud student of this school and I also work hard to make my teachers feel proud of me.