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  • Admissions open for the Academic Session 2024-25

Jhelum House Prefect



In the 11 years that I have been a part of DPS Dehradun. I have grown a lot. as a person and as a student. This school has seen me through my childhood and teenage. Every student wishes to have the environment that I did at my school, growing up. My teachers have been pillars of guidance for me on every step of my way. They have helped me through the complicated process of growing as a teenager, and I am forever grateful to them. Not only in academics, but school has helped my me learn my moral duties as a student, a citizen and finally, as a human being.

With much of diverse sports and inter- house competitions, the school makes sure to keep the physical health of students in check. The events and workshops organized by the school, like interactions with highly successful people help me to learn the way to achieve success, manage my studies and contribute to the society.

The Annual day celebration as well as the Sports day event is always a delight for the students to be a part of, enjoying to their fullest!

At last, we all should realize that every person has a duty to his or her school, community and country. Having been elected the prefect of Jhelum House, I wish to begin to learn and realize the responsibilities that come with such a position, preparing me for my better future.



DPS has been known for its academic excellence, diversity, extra curriculum activities, hospitality and many other features, for a long time. Being the part of this society for years I have added discipline and respect for others as key features in my personality.

 I envision my school, DPS Dehradun, as a place of inspiration, innovation and inclusivity. Our school is not just a structure with desks and tables but indeed is a hub for learning, it is a place where students are nurtured to reach their fullest potential and become companionate, confident and responsible individuals. Our school’s philosophy revolves around putting students at the centre of learning process. Teachers recognize that each student is unique, with individual strengths, interests and learning styles. This results in better understanding of student by the teacher and hence they are able to help the students to follow their passion. Teachers understand that every child cannot excellent a single field and therefore help them to find their interests. Leadership and life skills are taught from a young age, giving the world their next leaders.

We have seen our seniors as our role models. Student council of each year is unique in their own way and now that we have got a chance to represent our school we will give our best as leaders. In this journey we hope to learn through experiences and hence become a better individual in future. At last I would like to thank the school administration for giving me chance to show my potential.