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Ganges House Captain



School life holds immense importance in the overall development of an individual. It serves as a crucial foundation for shaping a person's future and has a lasting impact on their personal and professional growth. In every individual's life, school has created an everlasting positive impact. School has taught the importance of time management and how discipline plays a crucial role in one's life. Apart from these qualities, school has played a primary role in building character and a better future for students. These skills are vital for addressing real-world issues and making informed decisions.

For me school has given me lifelong friendships I can bank upon for the rest of my life. Following a daily routine, adhering to schedules, and meeting deadlines are some valuable life skills that school has taught me. It also gave me the chance to explore my interests, talents, and passions.  I also got to identify my strengths and weaknesses and develop the confidence to overcome obstacles.

In conclusion, school life is a critical phase in a person's journey, providing not only academic knowledge but also fostering personal growth, social skills, and preparing them for the challenges of adulthood.



I have been a part of DPS Dehradun for almost half a decade now. This journey of mine, which concludes this year, has been nothing short of educative. The nurturing, supportive environment here is one that every student dreams of having. The guidance of the knowledgeable teachers who are there to guide us every step of the way make the whole process of school and adolescence so much easier than it would have been. Along with academic achievement, the school recognizes the importance of physical and mental health; hence the psychology section for the higher class and the plethora of sports for all classes.

The various workshops organized here have helped me in attaining the know-how of the practical world, along with other opportunities to show case my talents, like inter house and inter school competitions.

Fests have been always conducted with enthusiasm and never fail to entertain everyone involved.

Being elected the House Captain, I would like to thank the school for giving me this opportunity to learn my responsibilities as a student. 

I wish this experience let's me understand the responsibility that comes with being a senior to the younger generation, and also the duty I have to our own school.