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Between the mountains, breathtaking and inspiring landscape lies our school Delhi Public School Dehradun captivating the minds of young children with wonder and curiosity to learn more.

Schools are a pivot in shaping the foundation of individuals and societies. The importance extends beyond academic learning, as they foster various aspects, that  contribute to personal and societal development.

At DPS, students experience a balanced blend of education and overall development. The school's curriculum emphasises academic excellence while nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and social skills involving competencies necessary to succeeding in life. Through a range of extracurricular activities and a supportive environment, students grow holistically, becoming well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in the world.

Our school adheres to rules and values and cultivates a culture of excellence enabling students to develop into disciplined and responsible individuals.

Sending your students to our school offers numerous compelling reasons. We provide holistic education, disciplined environment, nurturing faculty, and global citizenship focus—our school prepares students for success and a bright future. By choosing DPS you are entrusting your child with an educational journey that ignites curiosity, develops love for learning and prepares then to thrive in an ever evolving world.